Tuthill Gear Pumps

Tuthill Pump Group manufactures a wide range of gear pumps. As a distributor for the Tuthill gear pump range we select all pumps in house to suit your application using our extensive pumping knowledge. The range roughly divides into process pumps, heavy industry lubrication pumps and miniature mag drive pumps.

Process Gear Pumps

The range is split into the more common Global Gear series and the more specialist HD Process pump. The Global range is designed to high stndards with unique design features that make it the ideal choice for pumping a multitude of chemicals, high viscosity products and process fluids. The HD series is a circumferential piston pump capable of large flows of liquid that are normally difficult to pump.

Global Gear Pumps

Features: Back pull out design for ease of maintenance

Standard Shaft sizes fitted with standard seals

Modular designs for simple stocking of spares

Inline servicing

Multiple Seal Options

Interchangeable with Viking pumps and Rotan pumps

Flowrate: Up to 57m³/hr

Pressure: Up to 200 psi

Viscosity: Up to 220,000cst

Material: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

Temperature: Up to 316°C

Applications: Anything from bulk transfer, chocolate and asphalt to high temperature fluids and chemical processing

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HD Process Gear Pumps

Features*: Industrial Duty and Standard Duty range for greater scope of supply

External timing gears in separate oil filled reservoir provide safe, non contact impeller action

Oil Lubricated bearings

Single and double lobe design

Multiple Seal Options

No metal to metal contact in fluid chamber

Dry running

Flowrate: Up to 148m³/hr

Pressure: Up to 450 psi

Viscosity: Up to 4,400,000cst

Materials: Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel

Temperature: Up to 177°C

Applications: Slurries, high viscosity products, suspended solids, concentrated acids, chemicals, high temperature liquids, sludge, resins, sewage and scum, paints, polymers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods and shear sensitive fluids.

*Not all features on all pumps

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Heavy Industry & Lubrication Gear Pumps

We primarily focus on the Tuthill 1000 series of pump, which offer a hard working, reliable, well built and well priced range of gear pumps suitable for a wide range of applications such as lubrication and diesel tansfer.

Features*: Side porting with SAE/DIN flanges for inline mounting

Self priming

Non pulsating flow

Relief valve available

Mechanical seal as standard

Horizontal or vertical mounting

Compact design

Flowrate: Up to 403 lpm

Pressure: Up to 265 psi

Viscosity: Up to 4,400,000cst

Materials: Cast Iron

Temperature: Up to 200°C

Applications: Wide range of general industry applications

*Not all features on all pumps

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