Powerwise Limited

Powerwise Limited manufactured a variety of equipment from 1960 to 2000. We now manufacture the crankcase extractor fans, and barring gear we also have the records on all the modules and fuel systems built by Powerwise and can offer spares and replacement parts for these.

Crankcase Extractor Fan

The Crankcase extractor fan or blower is used to extract fumes from the crankcase of Ruston Diesel engines. It's primary function is to reduce pressure in the crankcase and allow the engine to be run at full speed.

We manufacture the all the versions of extractor fan found on the Ruston Diesels marine and traction engines. These include the direct drive and belt driven units. We carry a full stock of spare and replacement parts as well as producing new units.

We supply to MAN B & W Ruston as well as end users throughout the world.


Barring Gear

We manufacture Barring Gear for Mirrlees Blackstone Diesel engines. They are used primarily used on the K-engine. The unit is designed to slowly turn the engine over whilst the engine is not able to run.

They have also been used in ship yards and on board ship to turn the propeller shaft slowly, without main engine input.

As well as brand new units we offer a full range of spare and replacement parts.


Heavy Fuel Modules

Heavy Fuel Oil Modules were built by Powerwise from 1975 to 2002. They were used to prepare and treat heavy fuel oil for use by a diesel engine whilst still providing a light fuel oil supply. The principle customer for the unit was Mirrlees Blackstone of Stockport who used them on their range of diesel engines. Alex Holmes the owner of A.J. Holmes Pump Company has a great deal of experience with these units having been involved in the construction of these units at Powerwise Limited.



These are simple twin pumped units. We can offer the replacement pumps, motors and valves for these units.


Turbine Wash Skids

From 1990 to 2002 Powerwise Ltd designed and built turbine wash skids. They were used for off line and on line cleaning of turbine blades.

They were bought by companies such as John Brown Engineering, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kaverner Energy and European Gas Turbines.

We offer spare and replacement parts for all the units made by Powerwise Limited.


Nox Injection Systems

The Nox skid was a specialist unit used for injecting steam / Nox into the turbine. This unit was built for John Brown Engineering and Kaverner Energy.

We can offer spares and replacement parts for these units.

Gas Modules

Powerwise designed and built Gas Modules specifically for Ruston Diesels. The unit is used on an engine which is powered by gas rather than diesel.

We can offer spares and replacement parts for these units.

Lubrication Modules

Powerwise Limited built lubricating oil systems from the 1960's onwards. The unit came in various sizes designed specifically for each application.

From small units to lubricate conveyer belts in quarries to large bearing lubrication at Dinorwig Power Station these units were sold all over the world.

We can offer replacement parts for all of these systems.


Please give us a call for further information.

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