Gear Pumps


Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps used for pumping a wide range of thick and thin liquids. Gear pumps can be used for clean and contaminated liquids. Gear pumps have a vast range of applications including product transfer, tanker off loading, fuel injection, product circulation and dosing.

Gear pumps provide a fixed amount of product per revolution therefore as speed increases flow increases up to a maximum for the pump design.

Within the general heading of gear pumps there are several different formats. We can offer double helical gear pumps, single helical gear pumps, external gear pumps, internal gear pumps. Also available are vane pumps and rotary lobe pumps.

Our main pump brands are Tuthill pumps and Varley pumps, these two brands help us offer a wide range of solutions to pumping applications.

We offer a range of different gear pump designs and configurations.

Please call on +44 (0)161 456 2277 and let us select the best gear pump for your application.

For pumping water and water like liquids please see centrifugal pumps as a centrifugal pump is a more cost effective option.


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