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It is all to common for water pressure to be too low for even the average house. Water companies tend to keep the pressure as low as possible in order to reduce the number of leaks. With many houses having several showers, en-suite bathrooms, utility rooms and outbuildings on top of the normal household requirements the mains water pressure requires boosting. Large buildings such as hotels, factories, office blocks and old mills generally require pressure boosting systems as a matter of course as the mains supply is not adequate.

This is usually done by installing a break tank to store the cold water and using a pump system to boost the pressure and provide the correct flow for the installed appliances.

We offer Calpeda booster sets. One, two and three pump systems are used to suit the application. Variable speed pumps are now a common option to cope with variable/unknown demands. We can select units for you from building design level or simply to meet your specification.

We can also select the booster pumps and tanks by obtaining simple information regarding the building in question whether it be a semi-detached house, hotel, office block, barn conversion etc

Calpeda booster sets are competitively prices, built quickly to order and excellent in design.


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